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FEATURING DR. ANA NOGALES – The latest chapter in the #MeToo movement around Olympics doctor Larry Nasser being sentenced to decades in prison for molesting young girls and women has shocked the nation. As more women come forward about systemic abuse, a critical mass seems to have be reached where women are finally being taken seriously about violence and assault and their perpetrators are finally facing justice.

But women face a spectrum of violence and not all forms of assault are receiving attention. One issue that has been under the radar for decades and yet firmly belongs in the arena of #MeToo is domestic violence. Women who are assaulted either sexually or non-sexually by their boyfriends or husbands are treated as isolated cases despite the massive extent of the problem.

Undocumented women and women of color are also particularly vulnerable when state authorities can inspire just as much fear as an abuser.

Today we’ll turn to one person who has been on the frontlines of advocating for women survivors of violence.

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Dr. Ana Nogales, Founder & Clinical Director of Casa de la Familia.

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