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FEATURING JOSE ARTIGA – The thousands of migrants heading to the US in caravan are still hundreds of miles from the border with Mexico. The numbers swelled from 2,000 when the caravan first commenced from Honduras, to more than 7,000 in Mexico. But now, as fatigue and sickness sets in among the many families that are traveling, some with children, the numbers are reportedly dwindling.

Still, President Donald Trump, who has sought to make political hay of the caravan ahead of the midterm elections, has reportedly ordered 800 troops to the border. He has repeatedly blamed the Democratic Party for the migrant caravan with no evidence, and made no mention of the fact that Republicans have controlled all three branches of government for two years and failed to pass immigration reform laws. He has referred to the caravan as a “national emergency.”

Read the report on human rights abuses in Honduras called ‘The Struggle for Human Rights and Transformation in Honduras: A Faith Delegation’s Observations,’ HERE.

Jose Artiga, Executive Director of SHARE El Salvador, co-author of a new report on human rights abuses in Honduras.

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