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FEATURING JULIE MILLICAN – President Donald Trump and the White House staff have rushed to express unity and denounce the acts of potential violence related to suspicious packages being sent to a number of people around the country this week. On Wednesday Trump read a statement at the White House saying federal law enforcement was on the case.

But the strong pattern that has emerged from the pipe bombs and envelopes of white powder is that they are all aimed at people Trump has spent years attacked, vilifying, and encouraging violence against: former President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, CIA Director John Brennan, and current House Representative Maxine Waters, and even actor Robert DeNiro. The package aimed at Brennan was delivered to CNN’s New York office – CNN has also been one of Trump’s favored targets.

Right wing media have jumped to turn the tables on the story, claiming that conservatives are the ones targeted for violence, and even going as far as implying liberals were behind the incidents in order to undermine the GOP’s midterm election chances.

Julie Millican, Vice President of Media Matters for America.

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