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FEATURING SARAH ANDERSON – A new report by Democratic House Representative Keith Ellison of Minnesota exposes the perverse rise in CEO pay in the country, especially as a ratio of worker pay. The report, called Rewarding or Hoarding? found the average CEO-to-worker pay ratio was 339 to 1, with one corporation – Mattel – standing out for its nearly 5000 to 1 ratio.

Thanks to the hard work of activists and some members of Congress like Ellison, there is regulation in place to curb the pay ratio but until now it had simply not been implemented. Under President Trump especially, corporate America has been given a free pass to pay its CEOs exorbitant amounts.

CEO pay is seen as a major driver of economic inequality in the US.

Read Rep. Ellison’s report HERE.

Find’s CEO Pay online resources HERE.

Sarah Anderson, Director of the Global Economy Project and Co-editor of at the Institute for Policy Studies.

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