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FEATURING KSHAMA SAWANT – Seattle’s City Council this week unanimously passed a so-called “head-tax” on large corporations, in the face of stiff opposition from Amazon. The tax, which was originally proposed as $500 per employee of corporations making more than $20 million a year, ended up at $275 per employee when the vote took place.

Both sides claimed victory. Amazon’s presence in Seattle has brought an influx of highly paid tech workers to the city, which has fueled gentrification, raised rents, and increased homelessness. The tax revenues will fund low-income housing and address homelessness.

How significant a victory is this for Seattle residents and, could the vote be replicated in cities where Amazon plans to expand?

Kshama Sawant, Seattle City Councilmember, first Socialist councilmember to be elected, affiliated with Socialist Alternative party.

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