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FEATURING REBECCA SPECTOR – Less than a month after Vermont’s GMO labeling law went into effect, the US Senate and House sped through the votes on a federal GMO labeling bill. Both chambers of Congress voted to pass the bill over the objections of some Democrats that it would undermine popular consumer desires for clear labels identifying genetically modified ingredients on their food.

Despite this, President Obama is expected to sign the bill into law, and may have already done so by the time this program goes to air.

Critics are denouncing the federal labeling law as a giveaway to big agribusinesses and food manufacturers like Monsanto and Walmart. Rather than simply labeling foods as GMO-free, or not, it allows food companies to place QR codes on products that require consumers to scan with smart phones in order to decipher. The bill, which many are calling the “Dark Act” will also allow the industry to define what constitutes a genetically modified organism.

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Rebecca Spector, West Coast Director at the Center for Food Safety.

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