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FEATURING EDDIE S. GLAUDE JR. – When Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders announced he would endorse Hillary Clinton for President on Tuesday, his action sparked relief from members of the Democratic party establishment, and anger from his core supporters.

Sanders’ reasoning? Donald Trump. Enough said. But my guest, Professor Eddie Glaude wrote in Time magazine:

“Donald Trump is just an exaggerated indication of the rot that is at the heart of this country. That fact of Trump alone, and the democratic anguish that goes with it, cannot be the only rationale to support Hillary Clinton. Something more substantive is required of us—of her. ”

Professor Glaude added, “I can’t vote for her.” He now joins me to explain why.

Read the Time article by Glaude HERE.

Eddie S. Glaude Jr. chair of the Department of African American Studies at Princeton University and the author of Democracy in Black. He recently published an article in called My Democratic Problem With Voting for Hillary Clinton.

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