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FEATURING NORMAN SOLOMON – Donald Trump’s inauguration on Friday represents a major turning point in US history, one that has galvanized not only millions of Americans, but also members of the Democratic Party. However many Democrats have fixated on specific aspects of Trump’s ascension that may seriously backfire.

First, the story that Russia hacked the US election to help Trump win is popular among Democrats and even many progressives. But there is still no clear evidence of such an occurrence despite many vague and assertive pronunciations by intelligence officials and media.

Second, nearly 3 dozen Democratic lawmakers have now accused Trump of possibly violating the Logan Act by directly engaging with foreign leaders before taking office. My guest Norman Solomon says these modes of attack could undermine all our rights to free speech and even invoke the legacy of McCarthyism.

Norman Solomon, journalist with, a project of the Institute for Public Accuracy, where he’s executive director. Norman is the author of War Made Easy: How Presidents and Pundits Keep Spinning Us to Death; and a co-founder of He just published an article in the about the Democrat’s attacks on Trump.

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