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FEATURING ARUN GUPTA – Among those that were heading to Washington DC for Donald Trump’s inauguration are two workers from Indianapolis, Nancy McCubbin and Julie Meadows who credit Trump with saving their jobs at the Carrier plant. They told the press, “[Trump] did a lot for a lot of people at that plant,” McCubbin said. “We were going to be gone. Now there’s a lot of us that will be there.”

One of Trump’s earliest post-election acts was to announce that he had saved hundreds of jobs at a plant that he had made a focus of during his election campaign. But, after the dust settled, the union workers he had pledged to help realized that Trump had inflated the numbers of jobs that would be saved.

As the nation ushers in the 45th President of the US, we turn to our news correspondent Arun Gupta who recently spent time with dozens of Carrier workers in Indiana and told their stories. Economic stagnation of the kind these workers are facing, is a story that is multiplied across the nation.

Read Arun’s article on Raw Story about the Indianapolis’ Carrier workers HERE.

Arun Gupta, an investigative journalist who has written for dozens of publications including the Washington Post, the Guardian, The Nation, and Salon. He writes regularly at teleSUR English. He was a founding editor of the Occupy Wall Street Journal and is a regular news correspondent for Rising Up With Sonali. His article about Carrier workers just appeared in Raw Story.

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