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FEATURING BLAKELEY NIXON – Are you curious about what happens within closed online groups of Donald Trump’s ardent supporters? One man based in the UK was so eager to know that he sought out an online group and joined it. What he found was horrifying and hilarious all at once.

Blakeley Nixon, who describes himself as a, “Humanist, lefty, metropolitan, elitist, London bubble dweller,” wrote in a report on, that, “The world in which members of this group exist more resembles that of a Cormac McCarthy novel than the world I live in.”

He explained their world view as, “Terrorists or ‘Moslems,’ led by the Obama family, have overrun the country and are attempting to take control of the US’s most sacred institutions, parts of America and Western Europe are in state of civil war and bands of refugees are roaming the countryside raping and murdering women and children whilst the Hollywood elite looks on and laughs.”

I tracked Blakeley Nixon down and asked him if he would join me for an exclusive interview.

Read Blakeley Nixon’s article HERE.

Blakeley Nixon, writer of a report on entitled, “I’m a Lefty and I Joined a Trump Supporters Facebook Group: Here’s what I learned.”

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