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FEATURING ERNESTO FALCON – Just days before Thanksgiving the Federal Communications Commission published its plan to repeal rules protecting so-called “net neutrality.” FCC chairman Ajit Pai who was once a lawyer for the telecomm giant Verizon, has championed the rollback writing in a recent Wall Street Journal op-ed that net neutrality rules are a, “burdensome regulation,” that have, “failed consumers and businesses alike.”

The 5-person panel will vote on the rule change on December 14 and the decision is expected to be 3-2 in favor of undoing net neutrality. One of the commissioners voting against it is Jessica Rosenworcel who wrote her own op-ed in the LA Times saying, “There is something not right about a few unelected FCC officials making such vast determinations about the future of the internet.”

On Monday about 200 tech companies including Twitter and Pinterest sent a letter to the FCC urging the agency to preserve net neutrality.

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Ernesto Falcon, Legislative Counsel with the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

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