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FEATURING DAVID DAYEN – California Senator Kamala Harris has been making waves on the national scene, especially since her breakout performance at the first Democratic Presidential candidate debates. Harris took on frontrunner Joe Biden with a fierce confidence that cleaved away many percentage points in his lead.

Now that she has snagged the number 3 spot in the race, Harris’ brief record as Senator, and more importantly, her tenure as California’s Attorney General is under greater scrutiny. The adept politician has claimed in particular that she took on the nation’s biggest banks during the foreclosure crisis and “passed the strongest anti-foreclosure law” in the US.

But journalist David Dayen, writing in The Intercept says in truth what Harris won was quite different from what she says.

Read David Dayen’s article on The Intercept about Kamala Harris HERE.

David Dayen is Executive Editor of The American Prospect. His first book, “Chain of Title,” about three ordinary Americans who uncover Wall Street’s foreclosure fraud, was released in May 2016.

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