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FEATURING STEVEN ROSENFELD – President Donald Trump has said he is considering using an executive order to include a question about citizenship on the 2020 US Census, past the deadline for printing, and even after a Supreme Court ruling denying him the right. Claiming that Chief Justice John Roberts offered a legal opening for the government to re-open the case, Trump’s Justice Department is also readying a new legal fight and abruptly replaced its lawyers working on the case.

The government’s pretext for the citizenship question has changed several times. Officials claimed it was about proper enforcement of the Voting Rights Act, then said it was about re-districting, and also about dealing with the “burden” of undocumented immigrants.

It seems that the battle over the Census is turning out not only to be a test of how far the Republican Party will go to maintain its power, but also how far the President can push the limits of executive power.

To read more about the Census visit www.Ind.Media.

Steven Rosenfeld, Editor, Chief Correspondent & Senior Writing Fellow for Voting Booth a project of the Independent Media Institute.

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