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FEATURING ISRAEL CONCHA – Deportations of undocumented people living in the US have risen under Donald Trump. But they were high enough under his predecessor Obama. What happens to the thousands of people who spent decades, or even the majority of their lives in the US and are deported?

Now, one organization in Mexico is attempting to make something positive out of the deportation crisis by offering support for those newly deported people who were forced out of the country they consider home and into a country that may seem foreign.

New Comienzos, which translates into “New Beginnings,” was founded by my guest Israel Concha, and is located in a part of Mexico City called Little LA.

For more information visit or via Watzzapp at 55-77-33-1436. To donate visit

Israel Concha, Founder and President of New Comienzos.

**This segment was originally broadcast on August 28, 2018.

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