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FEATURING ELON GLICKMAN – For nearly 20 years an organization called Taglit Birthright has been sending young Jews from around the world to Israel for an all-expenses paid trip during which the participants are given a carefully curated view of Israel. But now, a new movement has emerged urging the program to tell the truth about Israel and its treatment of Palestinians.

A number of Birthright participants made headlines recently when they had high-profile confrontations during their trips and left their scripted tours to visit Palestinians whose homes had been destroyed by Israelis. Among them is my guest Elon Glickman whose videotaped questioning of the Birthright maps of Israel has gone viral.

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Elon Glickman, active member of If Not Now, a Los Angeles born Jewish American who participated in the free Birthright trip to Israel where he was one of several people who walked off the trip in protest of Israeli oppression of Palestinians.

**This segment was originally broadcast on July 25, 2018.

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