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FEATURING DAVID ROHDE –  For years the term “Deep State” was the purview of fringe activists on the right and left, used to refer to the invisible aspects of governance and policy controlled by America’s vast and powerful intelligence agencies. Since Donald Trump’s presidency, that phrase has entered the mainstream lexicon, primarily because Trump himself uses it to promote the idea that intelligence officials are secretly working behind the scenes to undermine him.

It doesn’t help that agencies like the FBI and CIA have a sordid and well-documented history of violating rights and pushing the envelope of legality.

David Rohde, two-time recipient of the Pulitzer Prize, executive editor of The New Yorker website and a former Reuters, New York Times, and Christian Science Monitor reporter. He was captured by the Afghan Taliban more than ten years ago and held for many months before escaping and reporting on the war. His new book is called In Deep: The FBI, The CIA, and the Truth about America’s Deep State.

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