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FEATURING FAVIANNA RODRIGUEZ – As we continue our special reporting from Into Action, the pop-up Art exhibit and conference that took place in Los Angeles from January 13 to 21, we’ll turn next to acclaimed artist and activist Favianna Rodriguez.

Rodriguez is best known for her powerful and political art that has taken on such issues as undocumented immigrants, reproductive justice for women, income inequality and much more. Based in California’s Bay area, she has built up an artistic career that began outside the confines of the establishment art world.

She was one of several curators that helped put together the powerful art show at Into Action and I had a chance to speak with her at the pop-up event about the exhibit, the role of art in movements, and the challenges facing artists of color.

For more information visit, and follow her on Instagram HERE.

Favianna Rodriguez, Director of Culture Strike, acclaimed artist and activist.

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