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FEATURING BEATRIZ ACEVEDO AND HON. LUCY FLORES – Leading up to the 1st anniversary of the powerful and historic Women’s March that took place around Donald Trump’s Presidential inauguration, a major pop-up event is taking place in Los Angeles leading up to the next Women’s March this Saturday. The 10-day event called Into Action, has partnered with a number of local and national progressive organizations including Free Speech TV, and today, as part of our on-going coverage of Into Action, we present a conversation with two of the panelists.

Speaking on a panel titled, The ROI of Diversity: How Diverse Voices can Reshape Beliefs were two women with the media outlet Mitú. Founded five years ago, Mitú is largest Latino digital media network. I spoke with the President and co-founder Beatriz Acevedo, and the Vice President of Public Affairs Lucy Flores right after their panel at Into Action.

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Beatriz Acevedo, President and Co-Founder of Mitú, Hon. Lucy Flores, VP of Public Affairs at Mitú.

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