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FEATURING JUAN ESCALANTE – Donald Trump’s administration has presented a plan for immigration reform appears to promise concessions to both Democrats and Republicans. The surprise proposal inspired headlines that suggested Trump wanted to offer a path to citizenship for 1.8 million undocumented immigrants, twice the number of young immigrants who were registered under the DACA program.

But the details suggest that such a path to legalization for the so-called Dreamers will come at a steep price: a huge reduction in legal migration – what conservatives love to term chain migration but is in fact families attempting to unite with one another – and the building of Trump’s border wall with Mexico.

Read Juan’s article for the Huffington Post called ‘The White House Dreamer Deal Isn’t a Compromise. It’s a Racist Ransom Note’, HERE.

Juan Escalante, Communications Manager with America’s Voice and a DACA recipient. He recently wrote a piece for Huffington Post called The White House Dreamer Deal Isn’t a Compromise. It’s a Racist Ransom Note.

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