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FEATURING AMANI AL HINDI BARAKAT – A massive peaceful protest of thousands of Palestinians called the Great March of Return ended in blood and death on Friday. More than a hundred Israeli snipers gathered near the border where marchers congregated and shot into crowds killing at least 15 people and as many as 18. So indiscriminate was the firing that more than 700 people were reported to have been injured by live rounds. Videos have emerged of protesters being shot in the back while fleeing, and of being shot while on the ground praying.

Israel has also released videos of some protesters throwing rocks at their soldiers as an attempt to justify the violence. Authorities have claimed that Hamas and other groups were planning on using the protests as cover for attacks on Israel. The United Nations Security Council on Saturday attempted to call for an independent inquiry into the incident but the US promptly blocked the statement.

Two million residents of Gaza have remained in a virtual prison for years with Israel’s on-going blockade of the region.

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Amani Al Hindi Barakat, Chair of Al-Awda Palestine Right to Return Coalition.

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