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Making America Racist Again – a new documentary by the Rising Up With Sonali crew. This 75 minute film draws from original television interviews from the KPFK program featuring Alicia Garza, Chris Hedges, Bill Fletcher Jr., Kshama Sawant, Sen. Bernie Sanders, Rosa Clemente, George Monbiot, Ralph Nader, Melina Abdullah, Arun Gupta, Frances Moore Lappe, Henry Giroux, Courtney Morris, Ibram X. Kendi, Deepa Iyer, Zahra Billoo, Christian Picciolini, Arlie Russel Hochschild, Tarso Ramos, and many others.

The film explores how the US could have elected Donald Trump in 2016 and traces the history of racism, bigotry and scapegoating all the way to the formation of the nation. It examines the vulnerable communities that are being impacted today, how the so-called Alt Right has risen as a new and terrifying form of white supremacy, and ends on a hopeful note of how contemporary anti-racist activism is rising to meet today’s challenges.

Watch the trailer below. CLICK on ‘Buy $90.7’ button on the top right corner to watch the full documentary:

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Making America Racist Again
TRT: 76m 39s
Executive producer and writer, Sonali Kolhatkar
Audio/Visual editos, Anna Buss
Original music score, Jim Ingalls

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