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FEATURING KEVIN GOSZTOLA – Monday morning brought with it the explosive news of former Trump election campaign chair Paul Manafort turning himself into FBI custody in the latest on the Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s investigation. Manafort has been indicted along with former Trump aids Rick Gates. The charges facing the two include money laundering, operating as agents of a foreign government, as well as hampering a federal investigation and failing to disclose offshore bank accounts.

It was also revealed on Monday morning that a man named George Papadopoulos who advised Trump on foreign policy during the election campaign pled guilty on October 5th of lying to federal authorities about his contacts with Russian officials.

Over the weekend Trump himself anger-tweeted up a storm claiming that the charges were upsetting the GOP’s push for tax reform and asking why Hillary Clinton and the Democrats were not being investigated.

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Kevin Gosztola, managing editor of He also produces and co-hosts the weekly podcast, Unauthorized Disclosure.

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