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FEATURING KAREN BERNAL – Progressive forces within the Democratic Party released a scathing indictment of their own party on Monday calling out leaders for failing to understand last year’s devastating election loss.

On the website, the critics write, “the party’s national leadership has shown scant interest in addressing many of the key factors that led to electoral disaster. Instead, the main emphasis has been on matters that the Democratic Party and its presidential nominee had little or no control over — an approach that largely obscures the party’s role in its own defeat.”

A recent internal shakeup within the Democratic National Committee that pushed out some progressive figures underscores the autopsy’s criticisms.

While this week’s indictments of some of Donald Trump’s colleagues is cause for celebration among Democrats, my guest contends that Robert Mueller’s investigation will not save the Democratic Party come election time.

To read the report visit

Karen Bernal, chair of the California Democratic Party’s Progressive Caucus and one of the authors of Democratic Autopsy.

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