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FEATURING JOSEF AVESAR – The two major Palestinian political parties Hamas and Fatah are currently in peace talks to try to resolve a long-standing conflict that has plagued the people of Gaza. The conflict has added to the Israeli siege of Gaza and on-going wars.

While the Hamas-Fatah talks offer some hope for peace among Palestinians, the broader struggle for reconciliation between Israel and Palestine appears to have no end in sight. Many solutions have been proposed over the years including the so-called “two state solution.”

Now, my guest has another idea – a confederation of two governments that could bring about an end to the conflict. To explore that idea, Josef Avesar traveled to the region with a film crew and new film about that journey, called Surviving Peace.

Find more about the film at

Josef Avesar, Israeli-born attorney based in California, president of the founding committee of the Israeli Palestinian Confederation, author of PEACE, A Case for an Israeli Palestinian Confederation. He is the filmmaker of the new documentary Surviving Peace.

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