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FEATURING KEITH M. PARSONS – The state of American politics has devolved to such an extent under President Donald Trump that there seems to be no end to the depravity, antagonism, deception, and ugliness we appear to be willing to tolerate. Perhaps we are simply too fatigued to keep up with the barrage of propaganda, name-calling, and intransigence from various political factions.

Now, a new book hopes to remind us that it is indeed possible to have civil discourse, engage in actual political and philosophical debate, and still be part of a community.

Keith M. Parsons, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Houston-Clear Lake. His earlier books include It Started with Copernicus, Rational Episodes, and God and the Burden of Proof. His new book, co-authored with Paris M. Donehoo is called ‘Polarized: The Collapse of Truth, Civility, and Community in Divided Times and How We Can Find Common Ground’.

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