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FEATURING NIC CHA KIM – On Saturday March 3rd, just days before International Women’s Day, hundreds of women their feminist allies gathered and marched in downtown Los Angeles calling for an end to violence against women.

The march was organized by the group AF3IRM Los Angeles and was explicitly identified as led by women of color, and aimed at addressing, “youth activism, police brutality/occupation, trans women’s rights, Islamophobia and state violence, workers’ rights, the missing, murdered, and trafficked women, climate change and more.”

The march began in front of the Metropolitan Detention Center in downtown LA and our new field correspondent Nic Cha Kim was there and brings you this special report as part of our brand new series, Rising Up in the Streets.

For more information about the march click HERE.

Nic Cha Kim, Field Correspondent for Rising Up With Sonali. Special thanks to volunteer Roshni Kumar.

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