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On Saturday November 10th hundreds of sexual assault survivors and their allies marched and rallied in Hollywood, California for the second annual #MeToo Survivors march. From noon to 3 pm, women spoke, marched, and made impassioned calls for justice. What made the action unique was its intersectional approach to sexual assault, centering the experiences of low-income women of color.

Ahead of the march, Brenda Gutierrez, the #MeToo March International Founder said, “We’ve all read the headlines about the rich, famous, and powerful men accused of sexual assault and harassment. What about the survivors from marginalized and underserved communities whose stories have not been told and who’ve have been forced to stay silent?”

Sonali Kolhatkar was honored to have been invited as one of the speakers, to make links to India’s burgeoning #MeToo movement. Today, as part of our series, Rising Up In the Streets, we bring you a report back from the second annual #MeToo march.

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