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FEATURING  DR. PETER BLOOM – Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders’ appearance at a Fox News town hall this week has angered President Donald Trump. In a pair of tweets Trump referred to the Democratic Presidential front runner as “Crazy Bernie,” and said it was “weird,” and “strange,” to see Sanders on Fox – an outlet he relies heavily on for political advice and as a campaign platform.

Sanders drew a huge viewership for the televised town hall and appeared to draw support from the live audience gathered there around issues of taxes, healthcare and more. A new national poll shows Sanders leading among Democratic Presidential contenders, even ahead of Vice President Joe Biden.

But rather than coalesce behind the frontrunner who seems most capable of taking on Trump, centrist Democrats appear to be readying negative attacks against Sanders.

Read Bloom’s article HERE.

Dr. Peter Bloom, lecturer in the Department of People and Organizations at Open University in the UK. He has published widely democracy, politics, and economics in publications like the Washington Post, The New Statesman, Roar, Open Democracy, The Conversation, and Common Dreams. His books include Authoritarian Capitalism in the Age of Globalization and Beyond Power and Resistance: Politics at the Radical Limits. His latest article is entitled The Divisive Center vs. The Unifying Left.

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