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FEATURING TJ HELMSTETTER – After months of legislative defeats President Donald Trump in a speech in Springfield, Missouri this past Wednesday announced an ambitious plan to overhaul the US tax code.

While his announcement was thin on details, among the things he specified was that the corporate tax rate would be cut from its current 35% to about 15%. He did not mention that by taking advantage of gaping loopholes corporations are already paying far lower taxes than 35%.

Trump also promised to lower the tax rate on individuals. His proposal is in line with long-standing Republican demands to reward the wealthy using the justification that it helps create jobs for ordinary Americans. But decades of trickle down economics show that helping the wealthy get richer does only that – help them get richer.

Now a broad based coalition of progressive organizations have come together to stop Trump’s proposed tax plan.

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TJ Helmstetter, Communications Director with Americans for Tax Fairness.

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