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FEATURING TINA VASQUEZ – A seventeen-year old pregnant undocumented teenager in ICE custody in Texas has been denied the right to an abortion. When the ACLU sued, a federal judge ruled in her favor saying she was “astounded” that the government was denying her the constitutional right to a reproductive procedure.

The Trump Justice Department has appealed the ruling to the DC Court of Appeals even as the teenager, known only as “Jane Doe” is rapidly running out of time to have a safe abortion. The DC court has now issued an administrative stay of the federal judge’s decision.

Why is the government so intent on denying such a basic right to this undocumented teenager, who wants to terminate her pregnancy?

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Tina Vasquez, immigration reporter at Rewire. Previously, she was a freelance writer and editor with almost ten years of experience, focusing on intersectional feminism, racial justice, and immigration. She is the former associate editor at Black Girl Dangerous and has contributed to the Guardian, Truthout, Jezebel, Bitch Magazine, and Al Jazeera.

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