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FEATURING NOOR ZAFAR – The Trump Administration has just released a set of guidelines for visa applicants from 6 nations that were singled out in the Muslim ban that the President has been trying to implement since he took office. The guidelines are in response to the US Supreme Court’s decision to take on legal challenges to Trump’s executive orders this fall.

Shockingly justices voted unanimously to allow a partial version of the ban to take effect immediately, which the new set of guidelines are attempting to follow. New visa applicants from Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Libya, Iran and Yemen must show they have a “bona-fide relationship” with someone in the US.

When Mr. Trump issued his first version of the Muslim ban in January, chaos and confusion abounded at airports around the country as incoming tourists, students, and refugees were held in detention, had their visas revoked, and many simply sent back. Numerous lower court judges struck down that, and a subsequent version of the ban before the Supreme Court decided to revive it.

More information at and on Twitter @theCCR.

Noor Zafar, Bertha Justice Institute Fellow at the Center for Constitutional Rights.

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