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FEATURING KEVIN KUMASHIRO – President elect Donald Trump will be meeting with former DC Public Schools chancellor Michelle Rhee as he considers her for Education Secretary. Rhee is a Democrat but has been controversial for her championing of charter schools.

Trump has some experience with education himself, having run Trump University, a higher-educational institution that is facing a serious lawsuit for fraud. Reports are coming in of a possible $25 million settlement.

Education is one of the most important issues in our nation, one that is constantly underfunded compared to our military, and that so many Presidents have gotten wrong, from President Bush’s No Child Left Behind to Obama’s Race to the Top. Dare we ask what Trump’s education policy will look like?

Kevin Kumashiro, dean of the School of Education at the University of San Francisco, a leading expert on educational policy, school reform, teacher preparation, and educational equity and social justice and the education correspondent for Rising Up With Sonali.

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