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FEATURING KSHAMA SAWANT – Reports of hate crimes and abuses by supporters of President elect Donald Trump against people of color in the US have spiked over the past couple of weeks. Among the latest targets of their collective wrath is Seattle City Council member Kshama Sawant, an Indian American activist and member of the Socialist Alternative party. Sawant became the first socialist city council member in Seattle’s history in 2013, and then went on to win reelection in 2015.

In the wake of the Presidential election, she spoke at a rally organized by Socialist Alternative in Seattle.

Since the video of her talk went public, Sawant’s office has been flooded by angry calls from Trump supporters, many of who have leveled ugly racist and sexist threats at her. One person threatened to “tattoo a swastika” on her head. A petition to remove her from the city council has been signed by tens of thousands of people.

Find more about the Socialist Alternative Party HERE.

Kshama Sawant, Seattle City Council member, first Socialist councilmember to be elected, affiliated with Socialist Alternative party.

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