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FEATURING PAOLA MENDONZA – The Women’s March on Saturday January 20th took place in cities around the country, just about a year after last year’s powerful showing. After a politically devastating year under Donald Trump’s Presidency, millions of women and their male allies showed up in numbers comparable to last year in cities around the nation. More than 200,000 showed up in New York City, a little less than 500,000 in Washington DC, 300,000 in Chicago, 100,000 in San Francisco, and 500,000 in Los Angeles.

The actions took place while a gridlock in Washington DC over a spending bill and immigration legislation for DACA recipients led to a government shutdown.

In Los Angeles, where the Into Action pop-up art exhibit and conference was taking place, a panel discussion took place on how to build on the political power of the Women’s March. The panel discussion was called Together We Rise – the same name as a new book that has just been released about the Women’s March.

On the panel was Paola Mendoza, the Artistic Director of the Women’s March National. I had a chance to speak with her as part of our on-going coverage of Into Action. We talked, among other things, about some of the political controversy around the Los Angeles Women’s March where some organizations had pulled out at the last minute.

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Paola Mendoza, Artistic Director of the Women’s March (National).

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