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KPFK is a listener-sponsored radio station based in Los Angeles that has been broadcasting since 1959. With a signal of over 110,000 Watts, the strongest west of the Mississippi. KPFK was the second of five stations in the non-commercial Pacifica Foundation Network. The Pacifica Foundation Network was the first public radio network in the United States, and is the world’s oldest listener-funded radio network and home to programs like “Democracy Now!“, “Background Briefing” with Ian Masters, “Rising Up” with Sonali Kolhatkar, “Something’s Happening” with Roy Tuckman, “Sojourner Truth” with Margaret Prescod, and many more.

Over 80% of the funds needed to operate your community radio station come from fellow listeners like you. However, only 10% of your fellow listeners’ contribute to funding KPFK.

Will you become a part of the few that make KPFK possible and make your pledge today?

By becoming a part of the Sustainers Circle you will provide a critical and dependable stream of income to support our work, enhance our operations, provide a platform for stories, news, music, and information to serve the cultural welfare of our communities with fewer interruptions to the programs you love.

Over 75% of our operating funds are raised during our on-air fund drives.

With your support, we can provide you with more content and fewer fund drives.

KPFK believes forging social change is a fundamental part of how public mediacan make a positive impact on communities.

If public media is essential to you; a sustaining pledge will ensure KPFK thrives as a public media platform beyond its 60 years of service to your community. By becoming a Sustainer you can set your giving amount throughout the year and at any point adjust to a level that is most comfortable for you.

Click HERE to find out more about how to become a member of the KPFK’s Sustainers Circle.

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